ShaNail Monick

ShaNail Monick

ShaNail Monick is a highly accomplished and talented individual, known for her success as an entrepreneur, bestselling author on Amazon, and sought-after speaker on a global scale. As a survivor of Lupus, she founded the organization FIGHT4LUPUS with a strong dedication to raising awareness and finding a cure for this chronic illness. Shanail actively participates and contributes to various organizations, making a positive impact in the community.

In addition to her advocacy work, Shanail is the creative mind behind her own lip gloss and lash line, the Sha’Nail Luminous Lip Gloss, and the Sha’Nail Mink Glam Lashes. She not only excels in her own business ventures but also helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their own lip gloss businesses.

Shanail’s passion for writing is evident through her collection of self-published books, including “Prophesying It! I Declare It!”, “7 Keys 2 Prosperity Anthology”, and “Miracle In the Kingdom Anthology”. She has also co-authored books such as “Affirmations for Woman on a Mission” and “SMILE (Single Mothers Inspiring Leading Empowering)”. Furthermore, Shanail hosts her own TV show called “Women Worship Wednesday”, which can be found on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and other broadcast channels. Through this show, she shares her wisdom, uplifts women, and spreads positivity.

Driven by her commitment to empowering and uplifting women worldwide, Shanail founded the Elite Business Women Association. This thriving community serves as a platform for women to flourish both professionally and personally. Additionally, she established the Elite Business Women Magazine, which celebrates the accomplishments of women worldwide. The Elite Business Women Directory website allows women to connect with professionals instantly and showcase their companies. Moreover, Shanail provides the Elite Business Women Business Funding to support business owners in their entrepreneurial journeys. The Elite Business Women Award Show, a pinnacle of her career, recognizes women for their exceptional achievements in both business and life.

Shanail’s remarkable journey has been recognized and featured in several magazines, including ACHI Magazine and the 2022 Fempreneur Magazine Survivor Boss Edition. She has received multiple awards, such as the 4th Annual Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things, The SUCCESS Women’s Conference TOP INFLUENCER AWARD, Powerhouse Women with Purpose Honoree, and the 3rd Annual Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, among others.

ShaNail and her husband, Montavis, are involved in various ministry initiatives through Mountain Movers Ministries, a house of faith, love, and salvation. These initiatives include Married 2 Ministry, KingdomMinded Publishing, Building Giants Men’s Group, and Magazine. In all her endeavors, Shanail remains dedicated to serving the Lord while passionately pursuing her Kingdom business.