Apostle Dr. Tameka Stanford-Daniels

Apostle Dr. Tameka Stanford-Daniels

Apostle Dr. Tameka Stanford-Daniels is a true trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark as she forges her path with unwavering strength and boldness. Hailing from humble beginnings in Wilmington, Delaware, she emerged as a beacon of transformation and faith in the face of challenges.

Having encountered a profound spiritual awakening in 1999, Dr. Tameka dedicated her life to Christ, setting in motion a remarkable personal and spiritual growth journey. In 2004, the call to ministry became clear, paving the way for her to pastor and establish impactful churches and ministries. As the founder and senior Pastor of Crusade Deliverance Ministry of Faith Inc., New Castle, DE, and Flaming Swords of Fire Global Ministry Inc., Dover, DE, she has touched the lives of thousands with her unwavering dedication.

Beyond her ministerial roles, Dr. Tameka’s influence extends into various spheres. She is the visionary behind TDS Training Academy, Wilmington, Delaware, where she nurtured Sarai’s Daughters International Ministry, a haven for mentoring women and men globally. Her passion for people led to her establishing diverse businesses, including “Mum Mum Meka’s” Daycare Center and life consultation services.

Dr. Tameka’s legacy reaches even further through her philanthropic efforts. The Stanford Community Development Corporation is a testament to her commitment to community well-being, offering vital Substance Use and Mental Health Clinic services to Dover, DE, and its surroundings.

A distinguished Ambassador of the United Nations, International Chaplain, and Doctor of Divinity, Dr. Tameka Stanford-Daniels embodies a trailblazer’s spirit with strength, wisdom, beauty, and love. She is not just a leader but a visionary force that enriches lives, strengthens faith, and shapes destinies.

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