Apostle Tammy Carter

Apostle Tammy Carter

Apostle Tammy Carter is a distinguished leader, pastor, and prolific author, revered for her unwavering commitment to faith and service. As the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Tabernacle of Power Worship Center, located in Tappahannock, Virginia, Apostle Carter, alongside her husband, Earl Carter Jr., has cultivated a spiritual haven where souls are nurtured and transformed.

Apostle Carter’s spiritual journey began when she embraced Jesus as her Lord and Savior in an FBI Lunchroom in June 1989. A native of Westmoreland County, Virginia, she relocated to Maryland in 1991 before answering the divine call to ministry in 1999. Returning to her roots, she pursued theological education at Alpha Bible College in Champlain, Virginia.

Under the mentorship of Bishop Donn R. Hall at Zion Baptist Church, Tucker Hill, Virginia, Apostle Carter was licensed and ordained, imbibing invaluable lessons in discipline, humility, and obedience in ministry. Apostle Carter’s multifaceted ministry spans roles as an Apostle, Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, conference speaker, mentor, and author. Her dynamic teaching style resonates with people, facilitating the application of timeless Scriptural truths to their daily lives.

Beyond the pulpit, Apostle Carter is a devoted wife, mother of five, and bonus mother of four. Her roles extend to grandmother, godmother, and cherished “MA” to countless others. She extends her impact through The Generation That Will Obey Outreach Services (TTWO-OS), a non-profit organization she founded and leads, encompassing community outreach, mentoring, social services, and a food pantry.

Apostle Tammy Carter and her husband co-founded The Tabernacle of Power Worship Center (the TOP), a ministry driven by love, preparing souls for discipleship and the return of Jesus. She also spearheads Tammy Carter Ministries, hosting conferences, advocating for God’s children, and engaging viewers through her famous online broadcast, “Friday Night Live.” Her debut book, “It’s Not Your Fault,” is a testament to her passion for writing, with another work in progress.

Apostle Tammy Carter is a beacon of faith, compassion, and purpose, inspiring countless lives through her unwavering dedication to serving God and His people.