Dr. Anastacia Vanessa

Dr. Anastacia Vanessa

Dr. Anastacia Vanessa is a multi-faceted leader, entrepreneur. Finance expert and inspired author. With a background deeply rooted in the Banking and Insurance Industry, Dr. Lewis embarked on a journey of excellence early on. Her dedication led her to achieve the coveted James Madison University accreditation as a Certified Manager (CM) in 2006, alongside her graduation from the Insurance Institute in Toronto, Ontario, where she emerged as a Chartered Insurance Professional Certified Manager (CIPCM). She secured additional Women In Insurance and Financial Services certifications, setting a high standard for herself and her peers.

However, the global recession 2008 marked a significant turning point in her life. The turmoil of those times shook the world, including her beloved Bahamas and Freeport, Grand Bahama. In a twist of fate, an unexpected opportunity emerged on November 28, 2009, leading her into network marketing.

With unwavering determination and a leap of faith, Dr. Lewis ventured into uncharted territory, aligning herself with Ardyss International—a company built on the pillars of faith, family, and lifestyle. Weathering storms of criticism and setbacks, she traversed the Bahama Islands and the Caribbean, establishing the international platform “The Business of The 21st Century.” Through relentless effort and the support of her family, she achieved the highest rank as the sole Platinum President in the English-speaking Caribbean region.

Dr. Lewis radiates a passion  for people and firmly believes in building individuals to build businesses. Her belief that “you cannot sell a dream looking like a nightmare” has reshaped the perception of network marketing. Her story of conquering adversity and scaling heights has been featured in Ardyss International’s magazine, and she graced the cover of Ardyss’ magazine, Vive, in January 2014.

As the Founder and CEO of the Effective Leadership Academy (ELIA), Dr. Lewis imparts invaluable leadership lessons for the MLM industry. Her influence extends globally as she serves as the Ambassador for Fondation-Lab to the Bahamas, aids young women and girls in leadership and economic empowerment, holds prominent positions in prestigious chambers of commerce, and represents the Commonwealth of the Bahamas as a People-to-People Ambassador.

Beyond her monumental accomplishments in network marketing, Dr. Lewis is the visionary leader behind the Woman Wife Entrepreneur Network International (WWENI), a global movement empowering women through mentorship and financial networking. She also heads the Kingdom Global Community Outreach, a nonprofit birthed after Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc in the Bahamas in 2019.

A multi-faceted achiever, Dr. Lewis is set to launch her upcoming book, “Master, Leadership, and Momentum,” a testament to her expertise in leadership. Dr. Lewis holds a Doctorate Degree in Christian Leadership and Business from Higher Place Christian University in Atlanta, Georgia.

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