Dr. Freida Henderson

Dr. Freida Henderson

Apostle Dr. Freida Henderson is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Greater Word of Truth in Raleigh, North Carolina. As an apostolic visionary, this woman of God has also birthed Women of Destiny Fellowship, Faith Assembly Christian Academy, Faith Assembly Christian Child Development Center, and New Beginnings School of Etiquette and Excellence. Through these ministries, God has allowed Apostle Freida Henderson to impact her community and surrounding areas.

Apostle Freida Henderson is a woman after God’s own heart that has been in ministry for over twenty-three years. Her ministry training includes youth and choir director in Upper Heyford, England, as well as Armor bearer, youth minister, and usher. God uses her in the anointing of the worshipping arts, training in the areas of dance, mime, and the penning of inspirational books and writings.

Apostle Freida Henderson operates under the covering of Bethel Family Worship Center headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, where the presiding Bishop George G. Bloomer serves as the Senior Pastor.

Apostle Freida Henderson has an anointing to lead those held captive by the enemy out of the clutches by implementing practical teaching and wisdom life lessons. She has a heart for those that are broken and hurting, sharing them God’s message of love and hope. She is known as a prolific preacher and teacher.

Operating in the Five Fold Ministry, God is using Apostle Freida Henderson to carry out her designated assignment “building people.” Apostle Freida Henderson has extended her ministry with her unit Freida’s Victorious Achievers. Her main goal is to empower others to achieve financial stability through entrepreneurship. Moreover, she is a successful entrepreneur having owned and operated Memories by Freida, a Bible bookstore, author of 100 Incredible Confessions of a Winner and her forth coming book, Speak To My Heart!

Apostle Freida Henderson is a licensed Esthetician.

Apostle Freida Henderson has released four Spoken Word Gospel Music CD’s, “So You Would Know…”, this unique record complete with full musical composition has gained the attention of consumers and radio announcers throughout NC in its first few months of release. Her other spoken word cd’s include, Take My Word Healing Scripture, Take My Word Faith Scripture CD and Incredible Confessions of a Winner: Dynamic Winning Confessions! Her inspiration to record a spoken word project resulted in a nomination of “Female Vocalist of the Year.”

She was recognized at TCP Magazines 9th Anniversary “You Don’t Know My Story”2013’s Overcoming Women!

Apostle Frieda Henderson has launched her You Tube channel “Women Ready 2 Win.” This station was not just for women, but men as well. In October of 2013, she had “60 Seconds with Apostle”, where she gave weekly messages of encouragement and guidance to listeners on the Steve Harvey radio station, 96.9 BZJ before it was removed from the area.

Apostle Henderson has dedicated her life to winning souls and saving lives for Jesus Christ. She is the spiritual mother to hundreds of sons and daughters. Apostle Freida Henderson is also the biological mother of three beautiful children Anthony, Jelisa, and Charles and the proud grandmother of a five beautiful granddaughters Sumaya, Kameron, Dakota, and Kalli, Kasside and her grandson Zaire.


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