Dr. Robin Gethers

Dr. Robin Gethers

Dr. Robin Gethers, the founder and CEO of New Beginnings Life Ministry, is a compassionate mental health advocate, humanitarian, motivational speaker, and community leader renowned for her profound impact on lives. With over a decade of experience in Christian Counseling and Life and divorce Coaching, she empowers individuals and families to overcome challenges, from anxiety and depression to relationship issues and trauma.

Dr. Gethers holds a Bachelor of Arts from Flagler College and a Doctorate Degree from Theophany University. She utilizes a blend of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and culturally sensitive approaches, guiding clients with warmth and compassion. Her mission is to help clients uncover their inherent gifts, set meaningful goals, and navigate life’s transitions.

Among her accolades, Dr. Gethers is a 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, an ACHI Nominee, and a dedicated Board Member at One Place Family Justice Center. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she cherishes time with her family, explores new restaurants, indulges in beach getaways, and enjoys the world of literature. Dr. Robin Gethers is a catalyst for positive change, dedicated to helping others live purpose-filled lives and reach new heights of success.
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