Rachel Pope

Rachel Pope

Rachel Pope is a healthcare provider with over 20 years of experience in the field. She holds a degree in Non-Profit management from Duke University. In addition, she has certifications in Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking from Spencer Institute and Peer Recovery (DBHS). Mrs. Pope has a strong track record of leadership and achievements.

As the Founder and President of Can We Talk Life (CWTL) Rachel felt the need to bridge the gap for returning citizens. She has overseen significant growth and expansion, including the development of several new programs and partnerships.

She is very passionate about helping individuals that have been released from incarceration and their families. Rachel is committed to providing resources to make the transition back into the community successful. She is passionate to reduce recidivism and homelessness for all returning citizens that we service. Under Rachel’s leadership CWTL has achieved numerous accomplishments, including raising funds to partner with Love Cathedral (mental health services provider) and open a transitional facility in Chester Virginia with plans to open multiple locations throughout the state. Rachel has secured partnerships with several local businesses to hire our clients despite their background.

    With this partnership our clients can start careers that will help them be successful in the workforce. In Addition to her work at Can We Talk Life Nonprofit, Rachel is very active in her community and can be often found volunteering at local shelters and just in the community talking to people discovering their needs and finding a way to be of service to them.

     It’s through her passion to serve that she has been able to develop many relationships with different government offices, churches, corporations, and other Nonprofits. Looking ahead Rachel is focused on her vision for the future of Can We Talk Life. She is committed to expanding services to reach even more newly returning citizens and their families.